Talismans and amulets

Custom made talismans and amulets made just for you

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Individual talisman and amulet created just for you from powerful ingredients like gemstones, herbs, natural elements and efficient and skillful spell for your specific wish or goal, individually created just for you and directed at the specific goal.

Believe me, there are no coincidences in life and it is no coincidence you came across my page today.

Everything happens for a reason. Today you came here for a reason !

It is time for you to get some positive changes in your life.

What talisman do you need the most ?




TALISMAN FOR SUCCESS (goal achieving talisman)


PROTECTION TALISMAN – for personal energy protection

CUSTOM TALISMAN – for your specific goal or purpose

How to get your talismans and amulets ?

Contact me on [email protected] or thru  CONTACT ME  form.

I like to connect with my clients first, before we make a transaction. That way we can get to know each other,  I can understand better what you need and I can also connect with your energy. It is better to clarify what you need and expect because that way I can tell you honestly is this talisman a good choice for you and you can get better value from my service.

The talisman is in a form of a little fabric pouch bag. Every talisman is different in size, fabric type and content, so it does not necessarily matches the photos.

In your email or your Note to seller when you make your purchase please write down the purpose you want to achieve in one simple sentence that expresses your true wish or goal you want to achieve.

Also, please write down your zodiac sign.

The talismans I make work on principle of positive energy and they can cause no harm, only improvement.
Before I create the talisman I will consult tarot cards for maximum effect and power.

When can you expect your talisman and how to order it ?

When you contact me, I will tell you how long will it take to make your talisman and when it will be shipped. After you order your talisman and pay, you have to send me your date, year, time and place of birth. You can send these information in the note thru Paypal when you make your payment or directly on email [email protected]

It is not absolutely necessary to provide this information and I can create your talisman without them, but it is better to include them.

On average packages from Europe take 7-12 days to most international locations but it depends on the destination and postal services, so it can take longer than that. You will be provided with a tracking number so you can track your package.

The price of the talisman is 25 $ + 7 $ shipping. In total 32 $



How will you receive your custom made talisman ?

When your talisman is created it will be shipped to you. You have to provide the name and address on which you want to receive your talisman. You will receive instructions with the talisman regarding the wearing and handling.

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We can work everything out, just contact me thru CONTACT ME  form or directly on [email protected] and I will do my best to help you.

It is time for you to get some answers and for some positive changes in your life.

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These are some of my clients experiences from my TAROT ONLINE Etsy Shop :

“She was right once again. Very fast response. Thank you! ”

“Right on target.”

“She is amazing. I don’t know how she does it. Her accuracy rate on things that can be measured is 100 percent for me. Other readings that are more for guidance are always on target. HIGHLY recommend.”

“Repeat customer. VERY VERY impressed.”

“So fantastic and a lovely lady to speak with. Really enjoyed her reading and advice.”

“I cannot stress enough the amount of information Lena gives you. I was a pain asking multiple questions after the fact and Lena did not get upset and calmly explained everything to me. Lena didn’t have the best news to report and she has been dead on with her reading. I’m sure it is not easy reporting anything bad but she has a way about her and does it in the most caring way. ”

“Lena is professional, authentic, and a very helpful woman. Without a doubt my talisman is helping me. I will not go to anyone else for help. Before I went to Lena I came across someone else who could not get a reading on me? A lesson learned. Thank you very much. Stephanie”

I wanted to say thank you very much for your help. I will only go to her for help from now on.”

“Lena was so responsive and went above and beyond to help. Not only did she give me an answer she explained what was going on and steps to take to help myself.”

“I am a repeat customer and must say that I find Lena’s readings the most accurate! Very quick and always happy to clarify thank you so much I am sure I will be back for more:)”

“Perfect size to fit in your pocket! Stays with me always. She is the real deal, always has the answers I need! She is a blessing! Thank you so very much!”

“Another great reading! Very nice and thorough with answering questions.”

“I have wanted this one week of dreams analyzed for over a year and wow was she spot on. I had my own thoughts on it but to have someone with no real background on it tell me what it meant was eye opening. Highly recommend this one as well!!”

“First class reading ,i am a returning customer and will continue to be one Lena is spot on and genuine thank you again one very grateful customer”

“She was spot on! It was a real eye opener! Thanks again.”

“Thank you, i am a repeat customer, your guidance/intuition is appreciated!”

“Thanks again, Lena! You are always such a comfort and help.”

“Always helpful and quick! guidance and insight. Thank you!”

“Great reading. Really detailed. The service is brilliant. Lena is lovely to work with :)”

“Very fast and very kind and caring. Lovely person. Readings resonated. THANKS”

“Very quickly done with much care and kindness.”

“Thank you, this reading was hugely helpful! ”

“Fast, accurate and great price. Thank you.”

“Thank you, i enjoyed my reading ”

“Reading was detailed and provided guidance, thank you!”

So, if you are ready for a change for the better in your life and some concrete answers, contact me and I will do my best to help you.


[email protected]



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